ArticleIs Quiet Quitting a Problem at Startup Companies?

Is Quiet Quitting a Problem at Startup Companies?

Startup founders need to be aware of the impact of "quiet quitting" at a startup.

  • Quiet quitting refers to when employees stop doing the work, but still show up for the paycheck

  • It's a manager's issue, not an employee issue

  • Employers have little visibility over their teams like they used to in offices, but that's not really the issue

Quiet Quitting isn't a New Phenomenon

Employees Quiet quitting has been around since the dawn of work, but remote work has made it increasingly difficult for employers to see the warning signs.

To manage and prevent quiet quitting, employers must focus on creating an environment where employees feel supported, valued, and heard, with clear expectations set ahead of time that is regularly followed up on. Creating ...

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