ArticleWhat a Market Downturn Means for Startups

What a Market Downturn Means for Startups

About once a decade, the U.S. Financial Markets implode. It happened during the "Dot Com Bust" of 2001, again in the financial meltdown of 2007, and is now upon us in a Post-COVID recovery.

For Founders, while we understand the broader implications of "this is bad" we may not be aware of how it affects us personally now that we're running a startup in this environment. Fortunately, we have plenty of history to fall back.

What Just Happened?

In short, many of the tech IPOs that are the holy grail of startup investments have failed in an epic proportion. The reason that matters is that for startups, all of our fundraising is tied to the idea that someday there will be a massive pot of gold at the end of this journey.

Well, that pot of gold tu...

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