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I have been working on this field for few years and I see a promising growth of online education for few reasons:

- endless possibility of courses to access
- flexibility in learning
- access to Premium universities.

Some of the challenges may be:
- Screening on the quality of education
- too much offer can make decision making difficult or biased.

Happy to discuss this further in details!

Hi Nitin,

I may suggest a few ones that I have been working with and that operates globally:
- Ayden

The main drawback is they focus usually on big businesses so fees may not be appealing to everyone.

Have you also tried with PayPal?

You can definitely monetize your content charging an adequate ad rate. I would suggest to explore this option mostly after having built a relevant, unique and value added blog. If you manage to get qualified traffic to your blog (you can check this using any Analytics platform), you can then try to monetize this traffic, charging ad rates.

There can be several ways of tapping this opportunity, from selling advertising space via networks up to private marketplaces.


The domain name plays a big role in SEO ranking, however it is not the only relevant factor. If you have a state of the art website (polished content, good site map, etc) you can minimize the effects of having not the ideal domain name.

To take the best decision you need to check whether you have other companies with similar brand name , that can be easily misled with your company name.

In general I would go for .co so to ensure a consistent brand identity across channels.

Hope this helps,


Charging a fee for SEO projects may be complex because clients do not immediately understand the value of it. Also trying to link your SEO results to a measurable KPI (e.g. traffic coming from SEO can also be tricky). My suggestion is to offer flexible models depending on the nature of your client businesses: you can go from a flat fee service for clients where a 360 SEO optimization may be needed to punctual fees based on page optimization. Also I do always suggest you to offer an SEO audit as starting point of your SEO services (you may then decide whether to charge for this or not depending on the client).

Streaming is still a new, and quite unexploited, marketing channel within the broad social media marketing. Having worked within global brands, we have still not invested much on streaming, rather than testing some of those features. One of the reason for lower investment on streaming is still the lack of a trustable analytics framework to measure this performance. Every marketer is fully aware of the potential of video content and the relevance of "on-the-spot" content, however, solid marketing analytics frameworks for in-streaming media need still to be widely used. Nevertheless, my advice is definitely to test those formats having clear in mind how those would impact on our clients' journeys.

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