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As an introverted sales and marketing professional I can speak to the fact that one can make a very successful salesperson.

As an introvert we tend to listen more than speak and this is vital in the sales process. With the proper sales training you will learn to leverage things you learn about people to sale your product.

My recommendation would be to take a sales course. Learn a method. Once you practice and are confident on the process you will do amazing by being introverted.

Give me a call if you would like to learn more. I can even teach you advance selling techniques.

Hope this helps!

I've built brands around a product, a service and around a personality.

This day in age, marketing is PR and PR is marketing in a sense. Brands and personalities bleed together. For the good or for the bad. I believe both are necessary to achieve a high level of excellence. But you can be successful pursuing either or. Choose your passion or the passion of the person you are hiring.

I'm available to anyone seeking advice or direction with marketing.

I use mailerlite. Easy to use and is free for up to 1000 subscribers. Also sending your email from a .org address helps it from being blacklisted.

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