I already have my business up and running. I am getting a lot of negative response because of the business name "Dude Undies". Now its like starting over from the beginning and I have no clue on another name. Mind you I only have 1 week to either renew the name or pick another business name.

Well, a good name can come from anywhere. There really are no recipes or one-size-fits-all rules.

Some people come up with great names for their projects on their own. Others don't but believe they do! Asking friends for ideas tends to produce lots of enthusiasm and consensus ... whether they're on track or unwittingly heading over the cliff!

I've been working on brand name creation and domain market analysis full time for several years now. I named 3 different projects for clients yesterday and the day before, which is faster than usual. Normally I prefer to give any project 1-3 weeks of attention.

When it comes to name selection, calls don't really provide enough space for learning about a business / brand + brainstorming. A 15-minute calls works best when the caller has specific questions or specific brand name candidates in mind. Then I can do some research and give feedback.

People tend to be surprised by what they didn't think about. If you want to know the pros and cons of various name / domain choices, or if you'd like to expand your list of options, then I'd strongly advise consulting with a professional with years of experience specifically related to naming AND the domain industry (since the internet does matter in the 21st century).

Frequently someone comes to me with a brand name that's 100% ok. Even so, it's smart to have it checked out before you're stuck explaining it to customers for a decade. If you were going on a 5-day road trip, you'd have a mechanic look over your car, right?

Answered 7 years ago

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