How may I get funding for a startup apparel company? I have a great idea in clothing as well as accessories.


Have you started by finding a few mentors in this space you could speak to? Those who are already working in accessories and/or apparel? Understanding the investor landscape may be helpful before you set out on your journey. I have worked with a couple of startup sustainable apparel brands and find crowdfunding a great first step. Telling the story is equally critical, especially if there's a social dimension. I would also recommend being very clear about your audience/market. Happy to chat further!

Answered 6 years ago

There are numerous ways to raise capital. It will depend on your goals and your resources. Most likely you will raise money from friends and family first and use your own money too of course. That's how we started our company that now has three brands. A crowd-funding campaign with a platform like is a great way to expand on that circle of friends and get them engaged in sharing.

Another way to get money is to pre-sell your products and use that money for production. You should be past the sampling stage and have your production lined up for that to work.

Please schedule a call so I can find out more about your circumstances and make more specific recommendations.

Answered 6 years ago

Why should someone invest in your startup venture? What have had your venture achieved till date? How do you ensure the perceived value of your product outweigh the cost? There could be many such questions to brainstorm about, often overlooked by startup entrepreneurs.

There's hardly anyone who don't believe in greatness of their idea. However, you achieve greatness by not just believing, but by taking pragmatic decision. Have you validated your business idea? Have you given a thought to your business model? What areas of business have you planned so far?

The list of "To-Do" things could get much longer, before you decide to knock an investors' door. Do feel free to reach out to me for any further clarification that you may need.

Answered 6 years ago

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