What are some of the most ingenious ways to increase traffic to a website?


Are we speaking only about SEO here or about all the ways to generate traffic to a website?

If we're speaking about SEO the best way is to start blogging and by this I mean as much as possible. Every single blog post is a new content, a new page that can be found by the search engines (and your customers as well).

You might also think about creating ebooks. You will not only generate traffic with them but also leads which you can nurture to become your customers.

Start building your communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and share your blog posts there. Engage in conversations and provide value to others.

Use social sharing websites like Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg.

A great tool for linkbuilding and PR/Social media exposure is BuzzStream You might want to check it out.

Let me know if you need any more help with building traffic to your website.

Answered 7 years ago

To get constant traffic you need to get higher rankings for competitive keywords. I just watch 6 of my competitors for what links they are building and reach out where I can to ask for reviews.

I have actually built my startup to do exactly that. Monitor Backlinks (

Answered 7 years ago

Social Sharing Lockers. So basically user has to share on either Twitter / Facebook to read the content on the website. It works brilliantly if you can execute it properly.

Answered 7 years ago

The most ingenious strategy to generate the highest quality traffic is called "Syndicated Content".

Basically, you find someone who is selling a related product to your target audience, and you create either a video course, or ebook and offer it as a FREE BONUS he can give away as incentive to his customers for buying his product.

It works so well, because you are getting a validated recommendation from someone the consumer demonstrated they trust enough to give them their money.

For more strategies I wrote a blog post with 50 other ways...

Answered 7 years ago

🔥 7 Evergreen Ways to Get Traffic I learned by owning a online magazine 🔥

To have a successful online magazine your need traffic. POINT.

It’s what everything else stands on.

Unfortunately, when I started my video games magazine (which then turned one of the leading publications about the topic in Italy), I didn’t have the budget of large publishers.

In fact, I was 13-years old, I didn’t have cash at all

(I mean, besides the one, my grandparents were giving me for Christmas and B-days :-D)

Social media weren’t even a thing (it was 2007!)

I had to base everything out of evergreen ways to rank over my competitors

I gotta be honest, SEO was my main hustle at that time, but besides that

The following list of tactics has helped me as well in my ranking efforts, and got me traffic from sources that,

Even if you’re not an SEO pro, you can still exploit RIGHT NOW:

1- Interview Someone in Your Niche. I not only cold outreached to key personalities in my industry (producers, developers, etc.)

But also to whoever else had a medium-large active following.

For me, these were all the “clans” of players (small-medium groups of people that plays together at certain games).

And all the online games, the latter had thousands of active members, and I was interviewing them with the agreement that they would have shared the link to their X, XXX+ members’ newsletters.

Usually, these online games were struggling to get exposure (they didn't have huge budgets), so it was win-win.

2-Organize a Contest or a Giveaway. I used to partner with video games producers for this kind of stuff. For instance, we organized a fantasy soccer tournament for different years with the distributors of PES.

Outside of the videogames world, you can easily partner with SaaS, products-based businesses, etc. if you have an engaged following and subscribers, for them, it’s a cheap and effective way to get visibility for their products so they’ll probably agree. For you, it's a great way to get traffic and build a community.

Use Viralloops or a similar service for the giveaways.

3- This one is common sense, but ask for feedback to others in your industry.

Do you remember MSN? Each time I had a huge announcement, a new design of the website, I was asking for feedback to others in the video games industry. This helped me to get traction when starting out, and to remain top-of-the-mind, but also they were helped me to find bugs or misspelled words.

People love to give feedback if you're not asking for them, what the hell you're waiting for.

4-Be a Regular On Niche Forums (Now It's More About Reddit, Quora, and FB Groups.)

6-Get Interviewed

7- Partner up with complementary products/services. I used to partner with complementary (but not competing) websites to produce backlinks organically.

Answered 3 years ago

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