As a senior software engineer (15+ years ) with many years of experience in sales, management, and engineering ( hacking), I'm feeling that It's the time to create my own thing, however I don't know if I should go the start-up way( saas solution, mobile app etc.) or to create an old fashion consulting business ( hire talents, collaborators, hustle to find clients ) where people hire me and my team to build products which felt more natural for me as this is what I've been doing since university. I don't know any co-founder yet and was not able to find a worth solving problem so far. However, I'm very very PASSIONATE about building businesses in the software industry as it matches my skills, experience, and education,

I think consulting is the perfect way to find the right SaaS opportunity. Consult with as many different companies as you can, find out the problems they have that make it difficult for them to achieve their goals.

Try and look out for the problems that are common between the various companies. Then you're already in a great position to validate and pre-sell a SaaS platform.

Answered 4 years ago

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