Linkedin and Google seem to be the best avenues right now. Twitter, Pinterest, etc. do not seem like the right venue to market for us but I am open to suggestions.

What is your target audience? And what is your call to action? Is it a free trial, an ebook, webinar invite?

If your conversions are low, I would say you need to reevaluate three things:

1. Your ad message and design: how does it show value and benefit, is it straightforward to read, what is the hook.

2. Your landing page copy and fields: similar to above, what are you saying to make viewers see the value of engaging? Also, is there a low barrier to entry? How many fields does someone need to fill out and what are you asking of them?

3. Your target audience: how active are they on LinkedIn and searching Google? Are there long tail keywords that might be more appealing to your target. The search volume will be lower; however the intent is higher.

Suggestions: SEO and paid ads go together like salt and pepper. Have an SEO strategy in place to help organically build traffic. The good thing about paid is that when you flip the switch, you will be traffic and engagement. The sad thing is that if you turn it off, all the will stop, immediately. If you are focusing on SEO and building organic, that will never go away. The compound interest is invaluable. Once you have built up your organic traffic, you can cut back on the paid.

Also, try incorporating retargeting into your paid strategy. Build more of a story that builds on the content that is for TOFU.

Happy to chat more about how that would look regarding "telling a story." (FYI, this is my favorite method for increasing conversions). Good luck and keep me posted on your changes and improvements.


Michelle Urban

Answered 3 years ago

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