I'm looking for alternatives. I recently completed rigorous training in the form of a residency by the local school district. I have an employed with this district for about 10 years. My experience spans preschool students to high school students. I have worked with children with behavioral issues. I am very savy with teaching and learning online. I took my Bachelor's and and started working on my Master's on this virtual platform. Due to the hiring freeze brought on by the pandemic, I fear I will not be hired as a middle school English teacher after all the work I put in this summer. What alternatives do I have? I would like to teach, tutor, mentor. I do not have my license or certification to teach yet. This lateral entry program was through this specific district and limits me in that regard. I was an English major before switching to business management and Leadership. I am open to other positions. I've done mystery shopping, Administrative Assistant, restaurant management, inside and outside sales and much more. I'm a self-proclaimed volunteer at heart. I spent my free time volunteering at local youth facilities and completed my internships with nonprofits.

I have served in the nonprofit field for over 10 years. Have you considered working for a nonprofit human service agency that serves at-risk children? Nonprofit employees may receive full, competitive paychecks! Because you are a trained teacher, you would fit the criteria for a care manager role and/or a direct care role. There are other options/roles as well within the field. These jobs have continued to be available through COVID-19 emergency regulations, and some employees work from home as a result OR they are working from home and they are doing a few days in the office as well. Would you like to schedule a call for more detailed guidance?

Answered a month ago

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