A crowd importing platform where consumers can buy directly from manufacturers at no mark up price. The only catch is that it has to hit a certain number set by the manufacturer either local or abroad. If the target is hit, they get the item shipped, if not, money is refunded. There are also different price levels, ex: the earlier you put down your deposit, the cheaper the price. After a certain date, the price gets higher. So what do you think? And is there anything similar out there?


MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is not a new concept; it has a high success rate and various implementations the most common being regulatory agency restrictions, which have to do with import/exports, good sold etc.

Additionally, no manufacturer can sell at cost (no markup) and remain in business. There are always “costs” with any goods/services sold.

I hope my broad-stroke response has provided you some clarity. I am happy to assist with specifics via phone consultation.

Answered 10 days ago

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