How to make people like me

Don't follow them let them follows you


there is only 1 way and that is be real be yourself not all like mr bean but allot does like him so people hate liars fake attitudes if you are clumsy or dumb according other people wow well done others will adore you for being stupid silly and will love your true personality

Answered a year ago

this is a very general question, and some context would help. But mainly just reading the room well, understanding social cues, understanding your boundaries with people can be very helpful. Would you say you are good at these things?

there’s many ways to get people to like you more, i hope this helped tho.

feel free to drop me a message for a more in depth conversation discussing some better strategies to fix your problems.

Answered a year ago

Hey honestly just be kind & respectful to everyone . Be attentive ,be a good listener pay attention to details , do little things to try to make them happy . Try to smell good & be a clean person so that it can be more pleasant to be around you .. but over all just try to be your best self . Don’t pressure anyone to like you or obsess with that idea because then you’ll become a people pleaser or you may get social anxiety .. just be chill and flow .. read the room and act accordingly ..

Answered a year ago

firstly, I don't think you should care if people like you or not but I can understand, sometimes we care especially if it's someone you like and care about either family or friends or just the people around you, my suggestion is to be your real self and stop trying so hard, another thing is to focus on yourself and try to improve yourself in every field especially the things you like and enjoy, try to build your personality the way you like it to be and take the first step to that by reading books related.

Answered a year ago

Hey, this is a common question that i myself was asking for a long time and the truth is just be you be real to yourself if you think something is bad in your life try to improve it for example physical health, skin care othervise just be you and if people don't accept you for who you are they don't deserve you or if you are at your worst and they dislike you or don't support you they won't be real with you at your best. Hope this helps, peace.

Answered a month ago

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