I am also an owner of an Amazon store and this is a question I often get asked: how to increase sales on Amazon.

The general idea is to rank high on Amazon's search engine. By doing this you will generate more impressions which will lead to closing more sales

The factors that go into ranking high include:
Conversion Rate – Conversion refers to a customer visiting your product page and actually purchasing the product. When your conversion rate is higher, meaning there is a high percentage of people purchasing your product after visiting your page, it is an indication that this is a good product. It will rank higher than lower converting pages because customers do not like that product for whatever reason.
Images – Images are an important part to ranking. Pictures that are higher resolution allow customers to see what they are purchasing.
Price – The lower price is king on Amazon. When a customer sees the same product listed on Amazon, all other factors being equal, they will choose the lowest price option.
Availability – If you do not have product in stock or enough to fulfill the increased amount of sales, you will not rank high.
Reviews – Amazon wants their end customers to be happy. The way they can evaluate how well sellers are accurately describing their product, shipping quickly, and providing value to their customer is the review system. The review system works on a 1-5 star evaluation system. The more 5 star reviews you receive, the higher you will rank.
Listing Description – The keywords that are listed when you create a listing will influence the search. The more keywords you can put in the title, description, product line, color, etc. the better you will rank.

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Reed Thompson

Answered 6 years ago

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