ArticleYouth Entrepreneurship: Can Middle Schoolers be Founders?

Youth Entrepreneurship: Can Middle Schoolers be Founders?

It turns out middle schoolers may be some of the best Founders I've ever met.

A little backstory. My kids go to a small school in Ohio that only has 208 students in the whole Middle School (grades 5-8). The school is very innovative, but one of the things that they do is allow the teachers to each pick one topic they would love to teach, no matter how weird, and pitch it to the entire Middle School.

I got invited to this pitch, totally unprepared as usual, and watched all of the other teachers pitch their classes. It was everything from "How to be a Pirate" to "How to Create your Dungeons and Dragons character." There were some seriously academic ones in there, but I was "sold" on the D&D course for sure! Where was this stuff when I was a...

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