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Guided Builder

Expert guidance in small, simple steps.

The Builder You're Looking For

You're looking for a modern, step-by-step builder that breaks down this big project into bite sized pieces you can actually finish. We do that by distilling the plan into modular sections you can complete in any order.

Drag and Drop Templates

All of the most important sections of a business plan from identifying the market Problem to showing Traction are built into drag and drop templates that you can insert and easily complete.


Visual Layouts, Not Just Boring Text

Dump the Word and Google docs. We're built for a modern era where you can easily incorporate visuals within your plan to create a far more engaging presentation.

Progress Tracker

This isn't a term paper that you need to write start to finish. Complete the plan in any order you want - it's completely modular and self paced. We'll keep track of what still needs attention and how close you are to completion.

Financials Icon


You set the goals, we do the math.

Financial Command Center

All of your key financial stats in one dashboard.

Team Salary Forecasts

Wondering what Boris in Engineering will get paid in Year 3? Let us handle it. Set current salaries and suggested increases and we'll figure out the rest.

Modern Revenue Projections

Whether you're tracking SaaS subscription churn or the costs of inventory for your coffee shop, you've got a modern, sophisticated revenue projection tool that accounts for your type of business.


Every Report You Could Imagine

Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Break Even Analysis, User Churn - if you need it, we have it. All reports are generated from easy to use templates with step by step questions.

We Integrate Everywhere

Quickly import financial data from the tools you already use, like Xero and Quickbooks, to get a head-start on your financial planning.

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Collaborate with your team, share with investors.

Share Online with Investors

Share your plan online with a single link which you control access to. Avoid sending bulky attachments and instead present your plan directly in a browser using modern navigation.


Team Collaboration

Get the whole team involved. Keep track of feedback in threaded comments in every section across the entire plan.


Professional Printed Plan

Present your final plan in a polished, professional manner with attractive charts, perfect financials, and a clean layout.

Funding Icon


Not just a business plan. A funded plan.

Join $287 Million in Funded Companies

As part of the platform you can also use Fundable, the world's largest business funding network. Additional fees may apply.

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Lender Ready Plans

Looking to raise from banks and other lenders? Our complete, detailed financials offer every possible report you can have requested in a format lenders require.


Dedicated Fundraising Team

When you're ready to begin your raise, we've got an entire team to help. Whether you need help completing your business plan or identifying the right investors to approach, our team of experts is at the ready. logo

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Not just a business plan, a funded plan.

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