Startup Therapy Podcast

The No BS version of startup life you've been looking for

We dive deep into the problems startup Founders face every day to unpack what's really at stake and how to actually solve them.


Let's talk about the impact of Founders feeling uncomfortable about sharing their emotions, why you are being put in the wrong light, unpacking emotions to show vulnerability, and the difference between problems and emotions.

Bad decisions are inevitable, so make sure to learn from each one. With that, let's talk about how to use passion to pursue a business, why founder burnout is common, and why identifying your theme is vital before starting a business.

Let's talk about the benefits of a hard reset for a Startup, letting go of liabilities in exchange for a fresh start, and identifying priorities when going through it all.

Wil and Elliot talk about how Founders struggle to negotiate their compensation, what should happen in cap table discussions, and why Founders should rethink how they get paid.

Wil and Elliot talk about spending a decade to build a business from scratch, how past success can’t dictate the next success, and why nothing matters until the end goal is reached.

Meet the hosts
Wil SchroterFounder + CEO,

Wil is a serial Founder having launched 9 companies over 25+ years, 3 being venture funded and 4 having been sold. He generally argues that Founders need to take a much different view of how to build startups.

Ryan RutanFounding Partner + CMO,

Ryan is a serial founder with 5 companies spanning 3 continents, 20 years and 2 exits. He generally argues with Wil.

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