Startup Therapy Podcast

The No BS version of startup life you've been looking for

We dive deep into the problems startup Founders face every day to unpack what's really at stake and how to actually solve them.


Wil and Ryan discuss why founders should separate themselves from their Startups, the lack of predecessors to guide young founders, what else to focus on besides building the business, and maintaining individuality.

How do we listen to what investors are actually saying? Wil and Elliot discuss the direct and indirect ways investors say ‘No’, the passive-aggressive questions, when founders become annoying, and how investors should behave.

Wil Schroter and guest host, Sam Parr (CEO of The Hustle), look back at the early stages of their Startups, how to gauge financial security, why an early start is an accelerant, tough conversations with investors, and incredible stories of successful Startup businesses.

Wil and Andrew Warner (Founder of define the lines between genuine curiosity and transactional conversations in building relationships, how topics and answers have consequences, and getting people to open up about themselves by sharing a little bit of yours.

Wil Schroter & Elliot Schneier redefine the unwritten social contract between employers and employees, the problems that arise when issues remain unheard, and how transparency has changed the leadership approach of Startups.

Wil Schroter & Elliot Schneier break down the failure of their company AffordIt, what actually happens when you run out of VC money, and when you should drop the ego & focus on doing what’s best for your mental health instead.

Meet the hosts
Wil SchroterFounder + CEO,

Wil is a serial Founder having launched 9 companies over 25+ years, 3 being venture funded and 4 having been sold. He generally argues that Founders need to take a much different view of how to build startups.

Ryan RutanFounding Partner + CMO,

Ryan is a serial founder with 5 companies spanning 3 continents, 20 years and 2 exits. He generally argues with Wil.

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