How It Works

You set the goals, we do the math

Financial Command Center

Our financial command center serves as a centralized hub for all of your key business financials so you can easily keep tabs on everything from a single dashboard.

Team Salary Forecasts

Nailing your financial forecasts doesn’t have to feel like a math quiz. Set current salaries and suggested increases and we’ll figure out the rest.

Modern Revenue Projections

Need to track SaaS subscription churn or the inventory costs for your coffee shop? Our modern, sophisticated revenue projection tool is built for every type of business.

Every Report You Could Imagine

Balance sheets, income statements, break even analysis, user churn — if you need it, we have it. All reports are generated from easy-to-use templates with step-by-step questions.

“Fantastic modular approach to business planning. My favorite feature is the automatic financial projections.”

Tristan Pollock
Venture Partner, 500 Startups

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