How It Works

Expert Guidance in small, simple steps

Build your plan. Keep your sanity.

Writing your business plan doesn’t need to feel like an impossible chore. Our step-by-step builder breaks everything down into bite-sized pieces that you can actually complete.

Drag and Drop Templates

Unsure what investors want to hear? With Bizplan, all of the most important sections of your plan are laid out in simple drag and drop templates to eliminate the guesswork.

Stunning Visual Layouts

First impressions are everything — and pages of plain text is boring. Our guided builder lets you easily add professional visuals to engage investors and motivate them to back your vision.

Progress Tracker

This isn’t a term paper that you need to write from start to finish. Build your business plan in any order you want — it’s completely modular and self-paced. We’ll keep track of what still needs attention and how close you are to the finish line.

“If you don’t know Photoshop from PowerPoint and you can’t afford to hire a graphic designer, Bizplan can help you construct a gorgeous plan through its user-friendly interface.”


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