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Looking for top-notch guidance and advice on technology and entrepreneurship? Look no further than me! With a lifetime of experience helping entrepreneurs fulfill their goals, I offer friendly, down-to-earth, and in-depth advice that you can trust.

My areas of focus include AI(Artificial Intelligence), AGI(Artificial General Intelligence), GPT(Generative Pretrained Transformer), Stable Diffusion, Web 5+ , Metaverse, Robotics & Renewables. I've accomplished some impressive feats in my career, including creating one of the first technology incubators, building and exiting dozens of technology platforms, and even building the second-largest solar company in the UK.

I've raised close to a billion dollars in venture funding and even raised the largest-ever equity crowdfunding raise in history. I've advised hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs and have multi-stack experience, including NoCode.

As a leading voice on the challenges and benefits of tomorrow's technology, I've advised some of the world's most prestigious institutions, including the White House. I'm also the recipient of the millennium entrepreneur of the year award and have appeared on numerous technology and philanthropy television programs.

To learn more about me and my work, simply search "Ben Way" on Google or check out Clarity and LinkedIn for independent reviews. With my expertise and guidance, you can be sure that you're on the right path to success.

One of my testimonials:
Chris Saad - Head of Product for Uber
“Ben is charismatic, intuitive and wicked smart. The combination is electric and acts like rocket fuel for everything he touches. Before you finish your sentence he's figured out all the angles and will help you pick and execute on the best one.”

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