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If you want to grow your business quickly the first thing you're going to need is not a fancy tool or a secret marketing strategy or anything like that. The first thing you need is...


And no I don't mean this website, I mean clarity in your purpose, on your vision, on your mission, on your product or service and your reason for building a business in the first place.

If you have a very clear message and you permeate that on everything related to your business from your hiring process to your products or services that's the best marketing you can use.

Especially in this day and age.

Hit me up if you need any guidance on how to gain that clarity and what to do with it once you get it.

You can build a Blog and make money from this but boggling is not longer what it use to be so you need new strategies to fit into your Blog.
First things first:

1. You need to build your Blog in such a way that it's easy to find, follow and share (always keep that in mind).
2. Incorporate more than one type of media meaning not just text and pictures, also incorporate gifs, videos, to make it entertaining for the viewer and keep them engaged.
3. Build your reputation and following by guest writing for others in the niche and linking back to your site, the more influence these people have the better.
4. Monetize! You can offer your own info products on the subject, consultancy, affiliate products, you can do ads for other people and you can even get sponsors for your Blog. Don't limit yourself to just one form of monetization but also don't make it look like NASCAR because it becomes annoying.

Also with this kind of topic it's great to deliver value on a consistent basis so Social media and Email are a must for you.

I'm throwing my 2 cents here because I see you've gotten some good advice and some not so good advice, to say the least.
Your target market is not really part of the Internet era and therefore less likely to search you out on the internet but they do use Google and Facebook.
My suggestion would be a combo of print marketing and very targeted Adwords and Facebook ad campaigns.
Also important to list all of your locations on Google so people can find them on Google maps.
For the kind of work you offer I recommend you use information marketing because you need to educate people on why they should buy this home improvement in the first place.
So you need something that will educate your leads and customers on a regular basis.
Hope this helps.


Okay, I'm not exactly a crowdfunding expert but I do know about online marketing, and I don't think that's really the best way to go unless you could somehow get these celebs involved somehow.
The best thing I think you could do is auction these items on e-bay as well as start a crowdfunding campaign for your organic farm and technology center.
The money that comes in from your sales can be a huge help and it can be your ticket, depends on how much they go for.
My recommendation is to sell them and also crowdfund.
And on a personal note, I think it's awesome what you're trying to do!

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