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By renew. Do you mean renew the domain or license. If domain name, keep it. You can have it forward to the new site.

Write a list in Excel.
One column = features
Second column = benefits
Third column - advantages

That's how I start my clients out.

First, IMO, each firm has a niche and a ideal client. I'd figure out both those things and they're bound to tell you how to best market to them.

It's way to difficult to try to market to 4 different niches.

You're in great company if you're an ADHD Introvert :)

I can see by what you've written, that you have some insights into both areas.

Here's the thing. Success really is an inside job first.

I've watched many people get the things in life they "want" only to still be depressed and unhappy.

Before changing careers, do some inner work. Maybe start with gaining a greater understanding of ADHD (and the plus's we have because of ADHD) and being an introvert PBS had two series I recommend. ADHD and Loving it and Dr. Amen's ADHD program.

There are some excellent books on celebrating being an Introvert. Susan Cain is GREAT! I have her TED talk on my blog just do a search for introvert.

NOTE: the fact that you're a good listener is a good thing IF you want to go into your own business. However, from what I read, it sounds like you'd be better off, right now, being part of a team... for company that appreciates you.

Getting back to your question... Would I recommend a career change?

If you're not happy I would start with inner work first before you find your ideal career and "go for the brass ring".

Because if you were to change careers now, you'll be adding stress to your life. Good stress is still stress.

Over the years I've started a few mastermind groups (teleclass, Skype, or in person), have helped others start them, and have "taught" webinars about them, too.

Weekly groups, that happen at the same day/time seem to be the most helpful. Helps that each week another person is "the leader" -- not really a leader, but keeps the group going forward.

What I can offer you (for free) are articles 2, 3, 4 and 5 on this page.

Each state, and sometimes city or county has an office like an Economic Development, or Rural Development. One of the things these organizations have are members from large companies.

Another thing they have is a list of the largest companies in the area.

I would start there by attending a event or two from the EDC and then see if it would benefit you to become a member. Then get involved in the board or on some projects.

Sorry, but this question is a bit backwards. You need to have an audience/need for your product or service BEFORE you create it.

Having said that, I'd go back to the basics:

a) create a niche
b) determine an ideal client profile
c) design a business plan

If you're looking for the best, that means you have a budget for hiring them. GREAT!

1) A site I recommend you visit is

2) You can also search for a company local to you (or not) that represent speakers. They'll provide you with the names and information of the best people for your situation.

3) Ask your audience for recommendations

4) Search using LinkedIn

5) Search using!

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