Dr. Vincent BauhausDeliverance and Inner-healing Minister - Author

Dr. Vincent Bauhaus, author and TV host, is the principle expert and worldwide acclaimed reverend minister in deliverance ministry, exorcism, spiritual warfare, inner-healing, trauma counselling, MPD multiple personality disorder restoration / Dissociate Identity Disorder D.I.D. restoration and BPD, OCD, hearing voices, restoration. A proven track record of well over 15,000 documented individual deliverance ministry and inner-healing sessions one-to-one. And he has touched the lives of millions of people through open air events and conferences worldwide. Pastor Vincent with over a decade of experience speaks with authority on the subject and authors books. Please visit http://www.bornagainministry.org/deliverance-ministry-exorcism for much more information. Dr. Vincent Bauhaus is a doctor in Theology and major in Psychology, he is the President Founder of Vincent Bauhaus Ministries, based in L.A. and N.Y. and London

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