I want to use Auto-Tagging in Adwords because it passes a lot more data automatically to Analytics. The problem is that I need to also use utm_source, utm_campaign, etc. and some of them with ValueTrack so when a lead signs up I can $GET that data from the URL and append it to the lead/client record. So my URLs end up looking like this:[camp-name]&utm_content=[something]&utm_term=[keyword]&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CNfm29qkpb0CFewRMwodXEIAFg As you may notice, the URL has utm parameters AND gclid. Will this create any tracking problems in Analytics? I know I could use another variable names instead of utm_source, utm_content, etc. for adwords, but then when the traffic comes from let's say "facebook" or "bing"... I do want that tagged and passed to my lead and the form logic + having a double standard for URL becomes complex. Thanks so much for your help!

Manual tagging + auto-tagging (utm_term={keyword} along with autotagging) will create problems with the data in GAnalytics (duplication, etc) but if you use your AdWords parameters in the format of kw={keyword} then there won't be any problem. If you want help, set up a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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