My small business is averaging $5000 per month in revenue, uniquely on Amazon. I have tried Kabbage, but the sales are generated on (Europe version). Moreover, I am not a U.S. citizen, nor am I a resident in Europe. Again, this is a non-registered business, not a "real" business, but I still see that I have an opportunity with this. I occasionally stop listing on Amazon due to out of stock and I need to ask my supplier to send it more to the fulfillment center. Also, I only use around $5k. So, sometimes, I need to wait for payment from Amazon, which release a payment every 14 days. Is their a way to raise money for this particular situation? I know that crowdfunding could be a solution, but what would be the prizes/gifts as a reward for the backers?

I'd need to understand a bit more about your business, but I suspect one answer is to work toward getting an accounts receivable-based credit line. Amazon is a good company that pays it's bills. Lenders will either loan against the Amazon receivables or buy them from you at a discount. This approach is expensive but if cash flow is your issue, worth exploring.

Answered 7 years ago

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