I've often found myself being the go to person for advice on various career/education matters. Is there opportunity in the to build on as an aspiring entrepreneur?

WHO THE HELL NEEDS A LIFE COACH? That's another name for "mom". How do you expect to charge for that?

Being a warm shoulder to lean on is quite a bit different than being able to charge people to give them advice. I drink beer (and talk strategy) with people that I would NEVER pay to listen to. On the other hand, I pay people for awesome advice -- and I don't ever drink beer with them.

What's the point? If you are an expert in something then CHARGE people for it. If they won't pay for it then you might not be as much of an expert as you think you are.

BTW, please don't call yourself a "life coach". That's so awful.

Answered 8 years ago

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