I am a non tech entrepreneur desperately trying to find answer to highly technical and nuanced questions on the cheap.

What is the best approach to find and connect with the right experts? I've got questions regarding the different approaches used by custom operating systems including STEAM OS, Xbox One and others and how each goes about installing / uninstalling native programs/components quickly on and off of a user's device.


The best way would be to hire an expert on oDesk, etc. which is fairly cheap and also reliable. But It sounds like you want to go even cheaper than that. Try posting on StackExchange, which is free. Another cheap option is to check local tech gatherings in your area and ask some experts directly for free advice. Good luck!

Answered 9 years ago

oDesk, Elance & Freelancer are definitely options, and it doesn't cost anything to post on the sites either. However for SteamOS, you may have difficultly finding the right people there (given that SteamOS is quite new compared to Xbox / PS).

Two other options which may seem a bit out there would be:
- Reddit. It may seem like an odd place to ask for help, but if you can find the right place to ask your question, you could very well end up with a solution, or at the very least someone that points you in the right direction. Perhaps try the following subreddits:
- -
- - - SteamOS
- - - Xbox, heavy emphasis on games, but worth a look. Just be sure to read the posting rules on this one.
- -
- -

- Alternatively if you have a rough profile of the type of person that think that might be able to help, you can try to reach out to them on LinkedIn. Join a related group in LinkedIn (search for Xbox or Playstation under 'groups'), join the group, then go to the 'members' section within the group (which will allow you to send them a private message).

- As a bonus I found the Steam Community forums:
- - - perhaps try the 'Hardware & Operating' forum if you haven't already.

All of these sources (minus the freelance options) should be free. Naturally be polite, explain your position and difficulty in finding proper expertise, and you'll eventually come across someone that will be willing to lend a hand. Hope that helps, let us know how you get on.

Answered 9 years ago

I am also a non technical entrepreneur. I have used Quora to research technical topics. Often many of the questions that I have are already on the site. And I've asked questions on Quora and received some very helpful answers from other Quora users.

Answered 9 years ago

I've hired a bunch of experts on Elance and oDesk. Just create a submission and guess what you think the qualifications are. Once you have responses you can see reviews from people before hiring them. You could also send messages before hiring them.

Answered 9 years ago

Each of the devices have radically different technical implementations and user bases, so I would try to identify advisors or companies with products and experience in those marketplaces. Try to clearify what your primary goals and objectives are in advance of pursuing professional advice and you will be able isolate what aspects of that individual platform that you will need to solve. Like others have mentioned, Odesk and this site are useful resources, additionally you can try reaching out to developers directly or join developer forums on services like steam. Some services such as Microsofts' may have non-disclosure agreements in place with working developers, so you may be required to approach them as a paying client to get the information your are seeking.

Answered 8 years ago

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