Do you run lean analytics on your business? Any great experience or trouble to share? If not yet, why?

I am doing research on lean analytics software.


Did you try ?

Lean analytics is pretty much a tailored, evolving, improving and living artifact .
It needs to be tailored as per your business needs, priorities, stage in business etc..

E.g A validation stage startup and a growth stage needs completely different analytics and metrics. Two startups in same industry and same business may need separate analytics if the funding methods are different .. bootstrap vs angel..

See... so if you can be a little more specific, I can be a little more specific... :-)
Good luck ,,,

Answered 9 years ago

Not in the last 14 companies, or any of the start-ups, have we had a need to purchase any so called 'lean software'. A lot of companies are selling the idea 'our software makes you lean' - it doesn't - the CEO drives lean. I've yet to come across a vendor charging for something you can't do without them in house at little to no cost. Try a whiteboard

Answered 7 years ago

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