I don't know how to code, but I have some ideas for a new product. How can i proceed?


I would not try and code these ideas yourself. You may be able to find a developer that would work with you if they believe in the ideas, but that means you have to give up equity, and run the risk that they are not as passionate about the concepts as yourself. I would suggest you start reaching out to smaller development firms with your concepts and meet with people in the industry to bounce both the concepts and the approach off of. You will more than likely have to find some initial funding or partnership arrangement that can get you to a MVP, (Minimal Viable Product) that you can then start promoting and marketing to build some cashflow, or further investor interest, depending on the concepts and direction you wish to grow.

Answered 9 years ago

Hello! I am not sure about free certifications. But I have learned a few things through here:

They provide you with an actual certificate that has a record number and can be used for professional employment references (many take them for that) I took iOS Swift and Python. Great courses!

If is web based or app this is probably a great choice because you will spend up to 30 days learning the basics, but enough for example to build an Instagram app like for iOS... or learn other programming languages in a month. When I first developed my first app, I looked for an affordable team to join or hire. It took me about 4 months to find one that was good enough and had to hire (great programmers know they are in demand) and then another 4 months or so to develop. Now, that I know how to code, I know that those 8 months or so could have been better used me learning than paying someone, also the development doesn't have to take so long - but most charge by the hour.

Answered 9 years ago

a) learn to code, and try making it all yourself. May well take like 1-3 years and more
b) find someone who can *make* software (coding is maybe half of it, maybe less), and wants to participate, and u trust hir, and u can cooperate well.. so - team up and share the project
c) pay someone to do it, person or company. Again needs trust

choose.. Most fun is probably b), but YMMV

Answered 9 years ago

I wont advise to learn coding, as it is not your passion and thus is a waste of time. Two ways are left.
1. Engage a company who will code it for you. The challenge is to freeze the scope which is difficult. The best way is to engage developers from them and then give them work. Either way you need to have money to pay them. Have a contract in place which will protect your IP. When you pay them to work for you, all the code and IP will belong to you.

2. Find a company who is willing to be a technology partner and who will develop the product while you market it. Difficult but doable.

3. Get a co-founder who can code.

All the best.
Flt.Lt. Sridhar

Answered 9 years ago

I would say I need more information to give you good advice. It really depends on what your MVP is going to be technology wise. If it is simply a peer to peer marketplace, there are companies like that you can plug and play and don't need any coding background. Also, there are new companies popping up like whereby you can spin up a quick MVP by using their patented drag and drop technology. (Won't be available for a couple months though) Lastly, you can always use the Upwork avenue where you input your idea as a proposal and people can bid on the project. My personal opinion is do as little engineering work until you have validated the idea first.
Good luck~

Answered 9 years ago

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