Is it good practice to have the questions/answers on your FAQ page use their own meta tags for SEO?

I'm in the process of updating my website and currently I have each question within my FAQ page load on it's own page this way I can setup the meta description/keywords tags properly for each question. However, in my new website design all the questions are listed on one HTML page where it just expand/collapses the different question/answers; so I'm not able to setup each question with their own meta description/keywords tags. Is it good practice to have the questions on your FAQ page use their own meta tags for SEO?


From a usability perspective, having all your FAQs on a single page is the best way to go. Most visitors don't want to have to click back and forth between the main FAQ and each answer page.

If you feel that each Q&A is deserving to be it's own landing page then I would suggest writing blog posts for each one.

Answered 9 years ago

The answer is that it depends on how much traffic your site gets. If you have a lot of visitors, then yes, it is good practice to use your own meta tags for SEO. But if you don't get a lot of traffic and just want to be able to link directly to your FAQ page without having to write out the URL each time, then it might not be worth doing. Hire writers from the to write engaging content for FAQ section. It's really up to you as a business owner what kind of results you want to see from using meta tags on your FAQ page.

Answered 2 years ago

I support Stoney's answer. I see a problem when:

1. The FAQs are too long. And in that case you may want to break them out by themes (and sub themes). Using sub headers, etc.
2. There are answers that are worth ranking separately. I'm aware of very complex answers that deserve a dedicated landing page.

If it's a short list of FAQs, collapsible answers will suffice, and you will only need to fill out 1 title tag, and 1 meta description.

Answered 9 years ago

You can always use javascript so that it can open the answer on the page, but then for search engines lead them to a specific page for that FAQ.

Answered 9 years ago

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