How can I validate that the information a money-making book is providing is actually helpful money-making knowledge?

I've read many money-making books, only to find that the author makes a lot of money when a lot of people buy his book. My question is, how can I tell that a book is really giving out helpful/useful money-making knowledge or just a means to make money for the author?


Does it pass the "smell test"? Does the information make sense? Does it seem logical? Did you try it?

Call me skeptical, but when I see folks selling the "proven blueprint to making millions in your sleep", I keep walking.

If I had the secret money-making formula to make everyone in the world rich, why would I share it for $79.99? Why would I have to "sell" people on the idea. I would just show my friends and family and retire knowing I helped them.

To make money, one must follow some well-established, foundational traits. Buy low, sell high. Repeat.

A lot of great education can be found online, in books, and by speaking with some of these experts. But it should be applied to your unique situation, you are not like them and they are not like you.

If you are looking for a risk-free, guaranteed way of making money and believe it can be found in a single book ... you are exactly who the author hopes will buy it.

Answered 8 years ago

Just stop reading those books. Get to work, get your hands dirty, and figure out first-hand how to be more efficient and effective.

If you read, then consider studying a new skill that can be put to use. Reading about making money won't help you succeed any more than watching porn will get you a date.

Answered 8 years ago

I started selling a "How to Book" in the early 2000's. It changed my life! Not only did I sell a hell of a lot of books at $300 - $500 each, but it put me on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times... This led to more book sales, positioned me as the go to guy in my niche, and enabled me to collaborate on related business deals with some very savvy business people.

What did my book do for its buyers? Enabled them to realize they could duplicate my efforts and in a LOT of cases, improve upon, scale and profit even more handsomely than I managed to do.

Paying for GOOD INFORMATION that can jump start your business is always a good idea. The ability to scale your enterprise by tapping into the knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs who have come before you is a tremendous advantage. But, perform your due-diligence. Can you call the expert(s) and explore their background, experience and motivation?

Be aware that selling a book "giving out helpful/useful money-making knowledge" makes sense for authors in a plethora of ways! By making a book available, in addition to providing a repository of additional resources and updates, the author is in a position to receive in-bound calls and questions from potential buyers of a "How to Manual," a "Bible" a "White Paper..." Literally, a dialog begins and both parties are in a position to explore and learn.

Sure, skeptics say, "If you the author is so smart, why sell your book? Just put your head down and do the work!"

Selling a GOOD book opens doors! Buying knowledge is one of the smartest investments we can make!!

Answered 8 years ago

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