I would like to speak to an expert in creative/digital agency lead generation and see how he/she could help me on this area.

Hi... :) There are many ways in which you can generate leads, from Passive Marketing Tactics such as: Direct Mail, Advertisements, Industry Directories, Yellow Pages (in some places they are still working), TV, Newspaper, or you can try one on one with the prospect (Active Marketing Tactics) such as Cold Calls, Sales Visits, Client Interviews, Demos, Seminars, etc... 80% of the effectiveness will be determined on who is your perfect client for each one of the services you provide, that way you can define exactly were to find them and then how to market your services...

There's no easy answer to your question, anyone who helps you needs to go deeper into your agency. If you need anything else I'll be glad to help.

Answered 5 years ago

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