Hey Guys, I work as a Team Leader in a Software House (16 employees, AR $575,000), where we create mobile apps and software for clients. I am really interested in how you keep an eye on cash flow in your companies. Not from an accounting point of view, but rather a high level perspective from CEO, Team Leader and Finance Manager. As a Team Leader I am responsible for achieving positive cash flow and employee management in which team has to have enough long term tasks. I don’t issue the Invoices, but I need to know about the actual and planned company numbers (balance, income, expenses and profit). I track these numbers (every entry) in Google Sheets. But It’s really annoying. I don’t want to create Invoices. I don’t have time for that. I want to track company numbers the simplest way possible. I want to focus on my job, business and planning. - Do you have similar problem or need with Invoices? - How do you track your company numbers? - What is your company's core business and revenue? I really appreciate anyone who will join this discussion.

Let others do the heavy work: use a software solution.
There are many out there, so start with exactly what you need to know (the information you need to have available comes first, then you determine what and how to track). Do some research on the available software and then call up a few companies and explain what you need, asking how they solve that problem.

Think of your priorities here: the right solution should be simple to manage, give quick access to information, not require a lot of interpretation, etc.

Beyond the software, think about what you can plan for to help give you the information you need. Build certain budgets to help manage how you categorize and view different invoices and areas of cashflow.

Remember, the key is to have immediate information, not just data.

Answered 3 years ago

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