We want to use wordpress to build our B2B website(B2B website is just displaying of products, videos & posts pages, NO E-commerce function). we prefer to have quick site performance(mobile & desktop both should be over 90 scores, according to the google page speed insight). we have no coding staff. can you guide me which is the best way to go on? thanks

Hey, Wordpress is a good choice if you only want to display products, videos, and blogs. Wordpress is pretty fast. So, it will certainly help you in scoring high in terms of speed. Mobile and desktop experience can also be balanced.
That said, almost everything depends on finding a Wordpress theme that:
1) Fits your design vision
2) Is fast
3) Offers impeccable mobile and desktop experience

Though the task look simple, it isn't. You can judge the visual appeal of a theme on your own but you will need help of a developer to see its technical strengths which will determine whether it will performance as fast as you want it.
Also, you will need a developer to deploy the theme correctly, secure it from hacks, and also make design & programming tweaks.

My team takes care of theme selection, deployment, and updates for the websites we manage for our clients at nominal fee. I can get the same done for you. Email me at to discuss further. Or simply call :)

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Answered 4 years ago

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