We have just launched and I wanted to get the recommendations of the community here for any suggesstions to make sure the product is seen by the people (Founders of startups with 10+ employees).

Thank you for posting your question.

I took a look at the site and to be honest, it was difficult for me to understand the problem you solve. I started scrolling through your site to get a better idea, which is not a good indicator.

I would make it extremely clear about what you do and what problem you solve.

If your target audience is Founders, startups, etc, then you need to be targeting them where they hang out.
1. Linkedin - #1 social media platform for b2b. I would start posting insightful content, that leads back to your brand, on Linkedin, daily.
2. Connect with people linkedin, minimum 20 new connections a day. Use the search bar and type in either: Founder, CEO, COO, CMO, Co-Founder and start connecting with each one of them.
3. Once you're connected, send them a short DM with something that you're offering that is literally 100% valuable to them.
4. Go to and and look up the companies that are posting new jobs. Find the name of the CEO/Founder on Linkedin and message them.
5. Consider doing Linkedin ads
6. Network at Meetups

The strategy that you'll need to implement is long-form. The only short form strategy you have/can do is advertising. If you have the budget, run with it, if not, then take my advice above.

Answered a year ago

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