Does anyone know why Clarity support isn’t responding and why the automatic response isn’t being sent either?


It has been my experience that, since purchased Clarity, the site has been abandoned.

I have gotten no support and, from the looks of it, the site is no longer being supported or improved upon.

Is there something the community can help you with?

Answered 5 years ago

Happy New Year (2020) !

. . . Relax . . .

. . . Please Be Patient with the New Owners . . .

. . . I am Exceedingly Confident that they will soon be Breathing Lots (and Lots) of New Life into this Site . . .

Although it is not my place to Tell Them how to run their Affairs ; I Personally Think that the following steps could (ultimately) be quite beneficial :

* Provision of (10% Commission - Based) White Label Options to their Experts ; so that the Experts could then each rebrand their various Websites according to their very own taste.

* Automatically providing Each Expert (and Each Client) with a 10% (Commission-Based) Affiliate Sales Link ; to Ultimately Boost the Generation of New Business.

* The Appointment of Someone Fabulous , Like Me ; to Carefully Oversee such Highly Innovative Changes (on a 10% 'Profit-Related' Remuneration Package).


Professor Obi

Answered 4 years ago

I have noticed that the site only works on the Edge browser for me, and not on Chrome. I love this site and have immensely enjoyed the 50 calls that I have hosted over the past few years; I sincerely hope that continues to invest in the site and expand the marketing efforts behind it.

Answered 4 years ago

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