Hi, I'm wondering if someone could please offer me a hand of help because I'm literally at the bottom of my hopes. No matter what I say and how I say, the result is always being declined like "we aren't interested" or "we already have this" or "situation is not that bad" etc. I'm approaching worldwide public companies (enterprises) and my main focus are, due to the nature of the value, Chief Financial Officers and/or their first level assistants. Sometimes I provide my message to CFO directly but usually I provide it to assistant to pass it to CFO. I'm involved to the lending firm and I'm looking to get new borrowers so "our" underwriting team may either approve or decline their request but everyone is telling me they are not interested or they have good liquidity position. Sometimes I provide my message in a form of email content, sometimes in a form of self recorded video speech presentation where I upload the video of me speaking to Google Drive and send them the link with two clarification files in attachment. I can't just schedule the call with someone here on Clarity because payment in advance is required but I'm paid (never been yet because of no success yet) negligibly small amount of the deal only if they really request additional capital (no one has done it yet) and if our firm approves it. We are talking about the potential of very large amounts in the nonrecourse loan and I'm approaching giant public companies with extreme numbers in their revenue. Would anyone please be willing to discuss this with me further and to check my communication (pitches / approaches) to see what I'm doing so much wrong: 100% rejection rate? I'm looking for entrepreneurship C board of directors communication (value) expert... I don't sell anything! There is no marketing involved but it's about putting the massive value to their business and making sure they do NOT use their own capital for whatever purpose (goal).

It’s pretty simple, your offering has a lot of issues for what and how you’re targeting
- you product, money, it’s a “commodity” so why you, your money, your firm?
- The big boys (public) have tremendous relationships with big, known, credible capital sources.
- They’re sophisticated so they know your capital has to be roughly at the same costs as the many trusted avenues they currently have for capital
- I mentioned “trusted” a few times as it’s KEY. Does the firm you represent have a well known brand or known trust elements?
- They are public companies and risk adverse so the likelihood of them entertaining a cold call or cold email from an unknown capital source is very low. Why? All things being similar they’re much better off taking and announcing capital from a trusted branded bank or firm.
- Trust: with all the capital scams out there triggered, especially online, they are likely also reacting to scam risk first.
Unless you have a trusted product (brand, people, story etc) and a way to get in front of prospects in a trusted way (conferences v email) i think the odds are really tough the bigger the company.
Perhaps your product offering fit smaller or growth stage companies who have less options and aren’t public facing where Capital brand is so important.

Answered 9 months ago

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