I am working on a idea and couldn't find co founder and team and most of the work is being done through freelancers and currently i am paying from my savings. Do i need my own management team to get investments? I tried to find co founder but none align with my vision. what should i do?

Finding a cofounder is tough, especially at early stage.

I think the way your are approaching it make sense and I followed a similar path.

Once you have developed an MVP you will have more to show both to potential cofounders, employees and investors.

This will also allow you to raise some seed funding to alleviate the financial burden f just you financing your company.

Until then it is hard for people to commit if there isn't anything tangible enough because of risk perceived.

Follow your vision and create a story and basic MVP to share, seek feedback to validate and then convince people to join your adventure, if it's an exciting one they will join.

Good luck!

Answered 14 days ago

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