Struggling on launching our beauty brand

Hello, We have launched our brand in France in the beauty industry a few weeks ago but we are struggling on being profitable. We are working with many influencers but the results are decreasing each day. We are selling a facial cleansing brush with the USP "Purify your skin in less than 2 minutes" but I think that it's not the need that my prospects have. Can someone help me please? Thanks, Yazid


Hello, I see that you need some help with your beauty brand.

I have Harvard University education and 15 years expert experience launching products for start ups businesses globally.

I can help you launch and increase your sales and exposure to the market as soon as possible.

Schedule a call with me and you won't be disappointed!

Thank you.
Nicholas J BSc (Hons) MA Cert Tesol

Answered 3 years ago

hi Yazid, I'm sorry to hear but good for you for realizing quickly that this is not working. The resons could be so many: wrong product, wrong pricing, wrong audience, wrong influencers, too high competition... It's worth jumping on a call for this kind of questions, happy to do so (and since this question was asked quite some time ago, happy to jump on a call in case other readers than Yazid might face the same issue).

Answered 3 years ago

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