Hi i have a question. How can i earn legit money as a 17 year old.

I am depressed. i want to travel around the world and enjoy my life before it ends. and to be able to do that i need to have money. which is why i am asking how i can earn money. i dont want something like do surveys or review our song to get some money. i want real online work that will help me enjoy life and for it to be enjoyable to do as well.


Hello There! First of all, Congratulations on taking up this step to change your destiny and reaching out here for help, not all people have the courage to do that. Well done!!

Now for your question, I understand your situation but you don't need to worry about that, we all have been there where you are now. There a lot of ways you can make money as a 17 year old but it's more important to know what your interests are and based on that you can take a path.

I would be happy to consult you on what method would be best for you, feel free to reach out to me :)

Answered 3 years ago

Probably the easiest way for you to make money nowadays is through NFT Gaming. You can play various games, sometimes for free, or with a minimum investment to gain cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) that you can later trade for cash.

Answered 3 years ago

Hi. There are many jobs that you can do online that are not exhausting. Try atexto, Testerwork, what you do there is literally correct voice sentences and/or repeat written sentences out loud. You can also try teaching English online. Checkout Preply, Cambly and italki. No qualifications needed, you just fill in your profile and submit application. Money is good and guaranteed.

Answered 3 years ago


Congrats on taking the initiative to want to support yourself and grow your independence.

My question to you would be - what do you enjoy doing most? Do you have hobbies and interests that you love?

Once you've established that, there are two approaches that you can take.

1. Find a job that pays you money to cover your living costs and doesn't require you to work 50/60 hour weeks. In your down time, use that to start a YouTube channel or a TikTok profile where you put out content around your passion. Build an audience. Then you can start to monetise that audience in a number of ways and before you know it, your living expenses will be covered by doing something you love and you can leave your job.

2. If you're living expenses are super low (living at home with parents) you can fast track your passion project and focus on content content content. Document your journey, don't create content that you think people will want to see.

My one recommendation to you right now is to spend 50 hours watching Gary Vee's YouTube channel and by the end of this learning experience you will have some useful tools and ideas that can help you start earning money online in the next 3-6 months.

Good luck!

Answered 2 years ago

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