How to develop marketing & growth strategy and plan for the saas platfrom?

I dont have marketing experience and working on my startup. The product is in development and need marketing strategy and plan. I need to attract industry experts to singup my platfrom. can i get some plan?


Honestly, through trial and error. Be lean and nimble. If something is not working, change. If it does work, keep sticking your bucket down the hole until the well runs dry.

Answered 2 years ago

Indeed. Plans are almost everywhere.

May I suggest we frame your question a little to convey more detail (but not too much) in order to get you the help you need?

Allow me to assume that you have already "found a need" and wish to fill it. In fact, the best needs are the ones we face as individuals or professionals trying like everyone else to, "do more with less" and still be excited to go to work each day.

Let's call this Step One.

QuickNote: Have you found out the hard way that no one worth their weight in bitcoin will sign an NDA? Great. We can move to the next step...

Step Two: Is your "product" bought mostly by Consumers (as in a B2C, where your business sells to the end consumer of a good or service)? Or is your approach a B2B where you sell to other businesses? In a few cases it might be a variation or combination of these models.

Step Three: What industry will you serve? For example, I don't do food or beverage startups and rarely mentor founders in those spaces. Plus, as a result of my industry focus, I mostly work with B2B or B2B2C models. Are you beginning to see how it all fits together? Perfect!

Step Four: For now, this is the last question... Do you have experience in the industry you are building a "product" for, and if so, how long and how many roles have you filled inside that industry? We will ask later how well you are connected to other professionals in your target market.

Get the idea? Most of us on Clarity would like to focus on the areas and people we can help the most.

Reach out with any questions you might have... once you have written down the answers to my queries.


P.S. I put Product in quotes because it may be a good or service. Or both. Or neither. {grin}

Answered 2 years ago

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