How do I get my first customers in real estate industry?

I sell property marketing services like drone photography, aerial videos, 3D imaging, virtual tour etc. I'm finding it hard to acquire customers as most of them already have their own contact. How do I get about this and prove my value (without working for free)? My target clients are property developers, property management companies and I usually cold email and then call them to pitch. Anyone else I should be reaching out to? What can I do to get that first customer?


Do you have a business around this service? Any brand? Are you just reaching out as a private contractor? Not sure about the stage you're in with the business.

Answered 17 days ago

Hi this was a great question. Congratulations on fighting through this rough market. I have received a lot of requests from real estate companies that Only deal with high networth clients. Safety is one of their biggest requirements. You can prove your value by partnering with the top companies in your industry. Far as landing your first client, I would only focus on the premium market. Learn everything about the buyers from what they value to their hobbies and then make yourself known. Let's talk further on a call. I feel with the right strategy, it will not be long before you are forced to hire staff to manage all your clients.

Answered 4 days ago

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