I have an idea for a certain topic and its content. I need to figure out its potential affiliate revenue-generating ability. I know some kw search numbers. I found some potential affiliate partners and their payout ratio. I'm still hesitant to make a decision on starting the project.

Before Starting any project, you have been done all the things like kw search and regarding partner. It is good. You can start this project. But keep patience too. First 3 months, you'll need to work hard at content website.
It is not too difficult if you have a good strategy. Therefore, I will suggest that first create a goal and work out a step-by-step strategy to achieve your goal.
A few steps to build a strategy:
1. Where are you economically.
2. What kinds of services you can handle well in your area.
3. What kind of services do you want to outsource
4. Write good things about your products/services and how good they are from your competitors.
5. How can you reach the eyeballs of relevant audience.
6. Improve your products/services content with real examples such as videos, step by step images according to the needs of your customers.

Answered a year ago

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