I am interested in what Clarity's experts have to say about the top technologies driving entrepreneurship in 2014. Why these technologies?

Most technologies that drive entrepreneurship usually come from hobbies .. so with that, here's my list of opportunities / technologies driving entrepreneurship:

3D printers. Sure today they look like toys, but they already have industrial strength ones that are used to create metal objects, and some for building houses. So lots of opportunity.

Bitcoin. No one denies that the current fiat based currency is flowed, and that crypto currencies will have a place in our economy. It's super early days, but a lot of value will be created here... very disruptive.

Wearables. People want technology to disappear and when you start embedding them in clothing, that's when the magic happens. Hardware + programming languages continue to get easier to work with, and it'll just mean so many new "projects" that could turn into successful Kickstarters or funded companies.

Drones. Maybe it's the kid in me, but I just love the opportunity here, especially if you consider doing things that don't require human beings and leverages GPS, etc. There's a lot of regulation required to make this a wide spread adoption thing, but there's still ways to create value - might just be in other countries.

Those are my favorites.

Answered 8 years ago

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