Which method of communication makes sense in a two sided marketplace?

A B2B commercial real estate platform where commercial spaces can upload their listings. Should the platform then handle whatever messages the listings receive and forward it/notify the respective companies (who listed on the platform) or The companies receive emails/messages directly from clients (thru the platform) and then reply accordingly? Which is the standard protocol here?


Not sure I understand the question fully, so perhaps let me try to answer this more generally. Generally speaking, err on whatever approach minimizes friction for your users (both buyers and sellers).

If you have a two-sided marketplace where a seller lists something (e.g. a commercial space available) for buyers (i.e. your clients), I think it's best to have this communication happen on the marketplace platform itself.

From a feature perspective, this might mean the buyers and sellers have message inboxes, as well as email notifications that notify them whenever a message (or reply) is received. You can even make things easier by inserting excerpts or full messages within the email notifications (and allow an easy reply-to-email for responses), but the entire conversation thread should still live on your platform's inbox.

Hope that makes sense and helps!

Answered 10 months ago

There is no direct answer to this as it would depend on the monetization of your marketplace.

1. Subscription - If you are charging a yearly/monthly subscription then you can allow companies to manage the communication directly.
2. Pay per lead - If you are charging pay per lead then you can forward the message to companies depending upon the number of leads they have chosen.

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Answered a year ago

In a two-sided marketplace, there are different communication methods that can be used, depending on the platform's business model and goals. However, the most common method is to have the platform handle the communication between the two parties.

In the case of a B2B commercial real estate platform where commercial spaces can upload their listings, it would make sense for the platform to handle whatever messages the listings receive and forward them or notify the respective companies who listed on the platform. This approach ensures that the platform can monitor and moderate the communication to maintain a high level of professionalism and prevent any inappropriate behavior.

By having the platform manage the communication, it also ensures that all parties are using the same communication channel, which makes it easier for the platform to track communications and monitor performance. Additionally, it helps to reduce the risk of spam or unwanted messages, as the platform can filter and moderate the messages.

Overall, having the platform handle the communication between parties is the standard protocol for two-sided marketplaces. It helps to streamline the process, ensure quality control, and provide a better experience for all parties involved.

Answered a year ago

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