Hello, I am a new expert and I do not know how to earn money from this field. I hope that I can get your support and participation

Hello, I am a new expert and I do not know how to earn money from this field. I hope that I can get your support and participation


As a an expert, there are several ways you can monetize your skills and knowledge. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Coaching and Consulting: Offer one-on-one coaching sessions or consulting services to individuals or businesses seeking clarity in their personal or professional lives. You can charge an hourly rate or create packages tailored to specific needs.

2. Workshops and Training Programs: Develop and conduct workshops, seminars, or online courses that teach people how to gain clarity in various aspects of their lives. You can charge participants a fee to attend these programs.

3. Speaking Engagements: Establish yourself as an expert in the field of clarity and offer to speak at conferences, seminars, or events. You can charge a speaking fee or negotiate a payment arrangement with the event organizers.

4. Writing and Publishing: Write a book or create digital products such as e-books, workbooks, or online guides that provide practical advice and strategies for achieving clarity. You can sell these products through your own website or platforms like Amazon.

5. Online Membership or Subscription Programs: Create a membership site or subscription program where you offer exclusive content, resources, and ongoing support to individuals seeking clarity. Members can pay a monthly or yearly fee to access these benefits.

6. Corporate Training and Workshops: Partner with businesses and organizations to provide clarity-focused training programs for their employees. This could include topics like decision-making, goal-setting, or personal development. You can negotiate a fee for your services based on the scope and duration of the training.

7. Affiliate Marketing: Recommend books, tools, or resources related to clarity and personal development through your website, blog, or social media channels. By joining affiliate programs, you can earn a commission for each sale made through your referral.

Remember, building a successful business as a clarity expert takes time and effort. It's important to develop your expertise, build a strong online presence, and consistently market your services to attract clients. Additionally, consider networking with other professionals in related fields and leveraging social media platforms to increase your visibility and reach.

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My suggestion would be to make better answers on the clarity platform

Answered a year ago

The more you answer people's questions the more calls you will receive.
Unfortunately, I don't know if Clarity has been promoting the platform so much so I haven't see too much activity in the last year or so (but I might be wrong).
In the past (about 2 years) there was a fair amount of calls.
Good luck!
*** I am a mentor on, an international lecturer on entrepreneurship and negotiations, and a commercial startup lawyer. I've successfully helped over 470 entrepreneurs & businesses. Reach out if you need anything.

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