Setbacks are part of life, if one is able accept that and keep an open mind, they can handle any situation having said that, this mindset does not develop overnight. One should have undergone a great deal of struggle to wrap their heads to accept this better truth, It could have developed by dealing difficult people situation high pressure jobs, a personal loss, a life changing event or by interacting with people who have an open mind and true wisdom. Success is holistic its not financial, personal or in fame, its a state of wellbeing your mind body soul accepts and feels as whole, our search and questions will popping up until we feel whole and satisfied once our we got our answers to the big questions there comes acceptance of the situation and then implementing the lesson in life every big entrepreneur scientist great minds had difficult past that the dealt with and did not ran away. Having posted this question you are already in the journey of self realization

Answered 10 months ago

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