Where and how to get up to date negative (bad) news about particular financial institution involved in communication dialogues about capital raises?

Hi, Could anyone please give me some starting helpful advice where and how could I find most recent up to date as bad as possible (maximum negative) news about particular financial institution (e.g. investment bank) that would cause a publicly listed company to immediately stay away from borrowing the capital from them or doing bonds/notes issue, or extending existing credit facility? Irrelevant to the type of capital raise funding structure, e.g. term loan, revolving credit facility, bridge loan, syndicated loan, rights issue and many more type of capital raises. I'm looking to refer a loans (funding of capital) to particular lender and trying to create a verbal presentation with real (valid) and up to date maximum bad news that would significantly increase a chance that publicly listed companies (including multi-billion eur market caps) immediately stay away from dealing (borrowing the capital or doing any kind of bond/note issuance) from particular financial institution, even if that's banking partner with years of formed perfect banking relationship. Nothing useful is found via Google and I don't have Refinitiv/Bloomberg terminal access. I'm looking for quality real up to date info beyond the scope of macro-economic factors within particular company but rather financial institution related very negative facts.

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