Not sure how to transfer funds securely. Can I leave investment in US?

Relocation is a big decision that not only involves you as an individual but also close people that you associate with and therefore you need to be well-prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically since you will come across different surroundings you have not encountered before which will make you re-think your decision to relocate. Nowadays there is the internet that you will have to use wisely and google the best places to live in Thailand that are favorable to you and try to learn their ways of life before the actual interactions. Before relocating you should give yourself enough time to think and plan how you are going to survive that is in terms of finances and social capital and this will make you feel at ease even if you are in a foreign country altogether. The key thing is to be well-prepared for anything and if you are determined to move do not shy of from asking for any help be open-minded and always be ready to learn from others.

Answered 9 months ago

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