The Finance section of Bizplan contains a finance-specific dashboard to track your financial projections vs. your actual results. The dashboard automatically shows displays data for the past few months and upcoming months from the current date. 

Available Cash
Displays your current cash position vs upcoming expenses. The result is displayed as months of runway. If you've integrated your accounting software, Bizplan will use the actual current cash at the time you view the dashboard. If no accounting software is integrated, it will use your projected cash position for the current month. 

The line graph compares the projected cash vs the actual cash from your accounting software integration (if one is active).

This chart displays the projected revenue as dotted lines and blue bars for actual revenue (if your accounting software is integrated). Automatically displays data for the past 2 months, the current month and the following 3 months after that.  

Chart displays projected expenses as dotted lines and pink bars for actual expenses. Automatically displays data for the past 2 months, the current month and the following 3 months after that. 

Gross Margin
The Gross Margin chart helps you track your operation's profitability. The chart displays the projected Gross Margin as a dotted line and the actual Gross Margin as a yellow line. Automatically displays data for the past 5 months, current month, and the following 6 months after that. 

Working Capital
The Working Capital chart helps monitor the value of your assets vs. the liabilities that you owe. The Current and Quick ratios for the current month are also displayed. Only projected data is displayed in used in this cart. 

The breakeven chart lets track the point in which you plan to break even. The first month to break even will have a target icon to mark it as the break even month. If you have not yet reached the break even point, the chart will calculate how many months are left to the planned break even point. Only projected data is used in this chart.

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